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Update time: Oct. 13,2020

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About BitcoinFile


Bitcoinfile, referred to as BiFi, is composed of bit Asia development team came from 501225 BTC on December 25, 2017. It uses POC consensus mechanism, super block and smart contract to solve the current situation of bitcoin network congestion. At the same time, it solves the problem that bitcoin consumes a lot of electricity in the whole process of mining. It is a contributor and user to the world environment, global network and community A better and more advantageous solution.

BiFi coin is the token of the main chain of bitcoinfile, with a total circulation of 21 billion, of which about 17 billion will be airdropped to the existing bitcoin accounts in the proportion of 1:1000, and about 3 billion will be allocated to each resource sharer (miner) based on POC mechanism according to the rules designed by the community. Meanwhile, users need to pay corresponding transaction fees when using bitcoinfile's network. The foundation will excavate 1.05 billion yuan in advance, of which 700 million will be used for ecological operation and market development, and another 350 million will be used for team incentive. The team incentive part will be unlocked 20% every year, and all will be unlocked in four years.

BiFi Store is a global digital file trading platform based on IPFS. Its purpose is to create a decentralized global network file system that is more green and environmentally friendly to the world, fairer and more rewarding to miners, and more reliable, stable and easy to use for visitors, based on IPFS interstellar file system and bitcoin settlement network.

A more reliable and stable IPFS interstellar file system protocol can greatly reduce the "network ripple" caused by node instability, which is the biggest unstable factor of distributed file system, by stimulating resource contributors to make sustained and stable contributions through effective returns and "enhanced access protocol";

IPFS mining mechanism calculates the return based on the altruistic degree of one miner (contributing disk space and bandwidth traffic to others), which greatly improves the deployment difficulty and cost of traditional mining machine cluster, and makes mining more fair;

Anyone can easily create file based assets, file based transactions and large-scale applications on bitcoinfile blockchain;

Innovative "enhanced access protocol", set up a certain number of "super nodes" in the network, greatly improving the stability and availability of IPFS network

Our Advantage


A more reliable and stable protocol for IPFS file systems, significantly reduce the instability of distributed file systems through effective returns to resource contributors which stimulates contributors to offer sustained and steady resources based on enhanced access protocol.


Compared with POW mining, BitcoinFile's POC mining mechanism can save a lot of energy consumption. Meanwhile BitcoinFile's IPFS mining mechanism is based entirely on the actual contribution to community which avoids invalid power consumption in BTC mining.


A more fairer decentralized mining mechanism, BitcoinFile's IPFS mining mechanism calculates solely based on miner's altruism (contributing disk space and network bandwidth to others), dramatically increasing the difficulty and cost of deploying traditional mining clusters.


Huge block size and smart contracts to address the current state of Bittcoin network congestion, anyone can easily create file-based assets on the BitcoinFile blockchain, file based transactions, and any applications needs large size file.


A better hardware ecology, the BitcoinFile Community has reached a strategic alliance with several hardware vendors to achieve greater robustness, security and availability of the entire blockchain network by pre-deploying BitcoinFile to partner’s hardware.


Total distribution: 21 billion
All holders of Bitcoin will receive an airdrop of BitcoinFile at a 1:1,000 ratio
The remaining BiFi will be distributed to community participants who contribute resources through POC mechanisms
The BitcoinFile foundation will mine 1.05 billion BiFi in advance, of which 0.7 billion will be used for marketing and ecological construction
BitcoinFile can be used to trade file assets, disk space and bandwidth traffic..







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What is BitcoinFile?

BitcoinFile is a point-to-point distributed file system based on blockchain technology and it aims to create a global decentralized file system combined with IPFS file system and bitcoin settlement network. The combined technology makes it more environmentally friendly for the world, more fairer and more rewarding for miners, more reliable and easier-to-use for users.

What is the total amount of BitcoinFile?

21 billion. The BitcoinFile foundation will mine 1.05 billion BiFi in advance, of which 0.7 billion will be used for marketing and ecological construction.

Why we need BitcoinFile?

BitcoinFile's mining process is fairer, more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, and actually creates value for our community. Miners with disk space and bandwidth can enjoy the benefits of mining more equitably. User with need for file storage and exchange can use BIFI to perches file assets as well as disk space and bandwidth shared by other users. The entire transaction process can be completed in the BitcoinFile blockchain by smart contracts

What is the purpose of bitcoinFile?
Create a decentralized and stable global content network that supports billions of users in the future

What are the advantages of BIFI compared to other fork currencies?
BitcoinFile is not the same as Bitcoin and other fork currencies, it is not only means of payment or value storage, but a new network protocol system that combines a decentralized global content network with its own being. It has created new values and practical significance for this world.

What is Enhanced Access Protocol?

The benefits of IPFS are undisputed as a decentralized distributed storage and sharing system. But pure decentralization also results in a range of performance and accessibility issues such as handling over popular as well as  over unpopular files and how to effectively allocate the entire disk space and bandwidth over the network. Enhanced Access Protocol creatively add the Strategic Node role in the network which responsible for ranking resources of the entire network and dynamically configure usage strategies of allocating free disk space and available bandwidth base on the real-time ranking data. So the entire network has a better accessibility and stability especially in extreme cases.