We have been focusing on the following work. We will present a concise summary here and explore it in a future post.

  • Support implementation work

Our focus is to provide BiFi Core's Mainnet with the first complete implementation and usage scenario (BiFi Pro).

  • Encrypted library and underlying compatible

We have been working hard in recent months and are very happy to achieve the following goals:

  • BTC-based blockchain data layer has been implemented
  • Nodes can establish secure connections to each other (IPFS-based libp2p)
  • Message and block propagation through IPFS-based libp2p pubsub
  • Miners can load the block normally
  • Node verification block and consensus on the chain of maximum workload [max(pow)]

To whom it may concern:

The BiFi Pro beta is for users in Europe, America and Asia. It is only open to early BiFi community users and invited users.

BiFi Pro internal test target

  1. Bitcoinfile total network content: 1000T digital resources.
  2. Bitcoinfile total network Publisher: invite 20 super publishers to participate in the test.
  3. Bitcoinfile Total Network Workers: Invite 2000 “Creation Nodes” to participate in the construction of internal testing networks. The number of nodes per day is 500.
  4. Bitcoinfile network total capacity of 1500T or more.

To whom it may concern:

Famous hardware manufacturers 星际云 and BitcoinFile reach strategic cooperation. They will provide node support services for BitcoinFile, helping BitcoinFile solve the problem that the blockchain network has slow response time due to the small number of nodes and uneven distribution of all nodes from technology to enhance the security of BitcoinFile overall network. BitcoinFile has a more open ecosystem, attracting a large number of hardware vendors that provide similar services to expand the BitcoinFile network ecosystem to protect network security and promote the ecological prosperity.

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