We are making some changes to our blog and updates. In our last update, we planned to be able to update once a week. We regret to miss this goal - this is frustrating for some people in the community. Therefore, we are making the following changes:

Since we have been focusing on construction, we are not in the public domain for most of this year. We did some public lectures and visited some research groups. Our activities will always be limited until the web is released.

With this update, we will release a more detailed project roadmap and a rough and optimistic timeline that extends to many milestones in the future. We plan to update this roadmap in this document.

Roadmap/optimistic timetable

We want to provide at least a relatively accurate node or milestone indication, telling us where the current development path is, what to do next, and when to reach the next milestone. We hate to offer dates that may be too optimistic or erroneous, but we hate silence and make our community more quiet. So, for typical mainstream software and product development intelligence, we are releasing this optimistic roadmap with the expected dates for targeted milestones, and we plan to modify it as needed. Pros: Clearer and more transparent planning methods that make it easier to coordinate across the community and get excited as milestones get closer. Disadvantages: The timetable will definitely change - some things may be earlier or later than originally expected.

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