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Recently, well-known hardware vendors of 牛链矿业, 矿世大陆, Bokocloud and ipnodes have reached strategic cooperation with BitcoinFile. They will provide node support services for BitcoinFile, helping BitcoinFile solve the problem that the blockchain network has slow response time due to the small number of nodes and uneven distribution of all nodes from technology to enhance the security of BitcoinFile overall network. BitcoinFile has a more open ecosystem, attracting a large number of hardware vendors that provide similar services to expand the BitcoinFile network ecosystem to protect network security and promote the ecological prosperity.

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BitcoinFile Super Publisher

The recruitment for the first batch of 20 super publishers in the world has officially started. Now you can enjoy the first batch of 5 million BiFi support funds.

Ⅰ. Condition of Super Publisher

  1. Organizations, institutions or individuals with a large number of digital content and content rights
  2. Publishing rights of content

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We strive to build BiFi(BitcoinFile) as the world's most secure and decentralized virtual digital currency.

To maximize the decentralization of BiFi and support the community more equitably, we have opened the rigorous POC(Proof of Capacity) mining source code on GitHub. Soon, we will support distributed mining pool systems and provide global community members with appropriate deployment plans. By then, global users can spontaneously organize and build their own small mining pools.

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The BitcoinFile main network has been successfully developed at the end of May. After a large amount of stability optimization, the open source code has been fully released. Due to a large number of additional improvements to BiFi during the R&D process, the workload estimation is seriously insufficient and the global virtual currency market has undergone major changes at the same time. Therefore, after the discussion of the community, some changes have been made to the overall scheme of this fork. Specific changes are listed as following:
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