To BiFi Pro users:

In order to build a network to expand the business ecosystem, the BiFi Pro Team has developed the SN demo version in the past month and iterated the transparent and verifiable SC-based officially  version at an extremely fast rate and has been released in the SN community. The first batch of SN nodes begins to deploy.

The first phase of SN is a one-month test period, the second phase is a one-month adjustment optimization period, and the third phase is officially providing services to the entire community.

The SN node can quickly expand the BiFi business ecosystem, providing high-bandwidth, high-storage, and high-stability network nodes for BiFi Pro applications. In return, the SN node will receive priority benefits.

The BiFi Pro project is based on IPFS, BTC and Pay Channel technologies using POC+POS consensus. It is the world's first commercially available file storage distribution network. For agile management and speed iteration, after nearly one year of closed development, the concept version and functional version were completed, and the official version was released on March 25, 2019. It has been iterated to version 1.3.0.

Thank you for your participation and make the world a better place.

BiFi Pro Team