With this update, we will release a more detailed project roadmap and a rough and optimistic timeline that extends to many milestones in the future. We plan to update this roadmap in this document.

Roadmap/optimistic timetable

We want to provide at least a relatively accurate node or milestone indication, telling us where the current development path is, what to do next, and when to reach the next milestone. We hate to offer dates that may be too optimistic or erroneous, but we hate silence and make our community more quiet. So, for typical mainstream software and product development intelligence, we are releasing this optimistic roadmap with the expected dates for targeted milestones, and we plan to modify it as needed. Pros: Clearer and more transparent planning methods that make it easier to coordinate across the community and get excited as milestones get closer. Disadvantages: The timetable will definitely change - some things may be earlier or later than originally expected.

Roadmap (we are currently at the stage)

Roughly speaking, this is the path view of the stage we are in. (These stages are not long)

Roadmap (imminent milestone)

Our upcoming milestones are as follows:

  • 2018 Q4   BiFi Pro 1.0 SPV release

As part of this update, we will release an easy-to-use version that supports the inheritance of the wallet feature.

  • 2018 Q4   BiFi SVP plan released

BiFi Partner Application: After the main version goes live, we will invite some partners and contributors to join our code base. Early User Forms can register your interests in this form (EN/ZN/JP).

  • 2018 Q4   BiFi BIP plan released

BiFi Contributor Preview: The main goal of doing this is to improve the documentation, ask preliminary questions, and make general preparations for public release. This will also help us transfer knowledge to a wider range of contributors who can help us solve the impending problems and the impact of PR.

  • 2018 Q4 / 2019 Q1  SDK development platform released, launching the main network

We will open the github repository hosting the Bitcoin File implementation and related tools. This will be the main point of participation for the entire community, and we strongly encourage developers who are interested in developing Filecoin or building applications on it. In the short term, this may slow down our implementation because our team will be open to the role of open source maintainers and will take the time to respond to our broader developer community learning code base. In the long run, this will speed up our implementation as the number of people who can contribute will increase.

  • 2019 Q1/2019Q2   Launched the first BiFi business application scenario

We are working hard to launch the first publicly available commercial application scenario that provides CDN services. This will be the first scenario application for the Bitcoin File network and will be expanded.

We will help customers who have landed our forms (early customer forms) to deploy as early as possible. If you have completed the form, please stay tuned!

  • 2019 Q1/2019Q2  Tested with large miners (10 PB + & Tie 3 or higher)

We are in contact with large miners for the first joint testing and deployment. We will choose from the miners signed on our form (early node form).

  • 2019 Q1/2019Q2   0 function freeze

After the V1.0 release, we will quickly iterate over the V2.0 functionality and freeze it, then fix only the bugs and make changes before the 2.0 development starts. This will initiate the audit, audit and preparation work.

  • 2019 Q1 / Q2  Network-wide security audit

Before we release, we need a comprehensive security review and external review of the code base. This is a key step in a secure software encryption system. We will also welcome you to a more open security audit in a more open manner. If you are interested in reviewing and reviewing our code, please contact us.

  • 2019 Q2 BiFi main network expansion

Once launched, we will seek to work closely with the widest range of miners in the community.

We are committed to technology improvements to achieve extensions, including solutions for general blockchain expansion issues (offline, sharding, partition tolerance).

  • 2019+ Improve network efficiency

Based on IPFS and BTC-integrated applications, IPFS performance has not been implemented in commercial scenarios, and its commercial performance has not been tested by the community. We will focus on integrating and supporting applications to improve the performance of IPFS underlying LibP2P to implement BiFi networks. More widely used.

  • 2019+ Improve the network

We are already studying major improvements in IPFS and BTC blockchains and other scalable solutions and technologies. We will continue to improve the network through the BIP process.

  • 2019+ Established the Filecoin Foundation

Form and launch the BiFi Foundation to protect network security, promote community governance, and more.

The Foundation is an important institution in the blockchain network and we have high hopes for us. If you are interested in working with us on governance issues, driving future research and using BiFi networks and public storage utilities, please contact us.

We have more plans, but we are now focusing on the milestones listed above.