We have been focusing on the following work. We will present a concise summary here and explore it in a future post.

  • Support implementation work

Our focus is to provide BiFi Core's Mainnet with the first complete implementation and usage scenario (BiFi Pro).

  • Encrypted library and underlying compatible

Most of the encryption protocols we need are implemented in a portable way. Therefore, many implementations of BiFi Pro are based on IPFS and BTC. The underlying components share some of its components. The secondary development work includes algorithm verification like copy proof and space-time proof. PaymentChannel The channel architecture, LibP2P layered architecture, POC SHA3 hybrid implementation, etc., having a code base makes it easier to develop, maintain and audit for a long time.

  • Improvement of copy proof

Although the IPFS proof of replication (PoReps) has recently achieved significant security improvements in key features such as formal foundations, security proofs and critically more efficient constructions under the great improvement of Ben Fisch, its complex proof process makes the copy proof subfields The rapid growth, while also developing new data structures, has led to a sharp increase in project uncertainty, which will make PoReps's development work far exceed expectations and the development cycle uncertainty increases. BiFi accepts a safer, more efficient and fast-executing iterative alternative to PoReps, increasing the system's speed and sensitivity.

  • BIP Plan & SVP Plan.

BiFi launched the SVP program for Q2's global user community to accelerate the resolution of key issues in user scenario stimuli. The first super-versions sought to improve performance and ease of use in BiFi's early networks. These are improvements, not required for release.

BiFi plans Q4 or 18 years Q1 to launch a BIP program for the global developer community to accelerate the expansion and cross-chain functions of payments, contracts and other chains.

All these directions are very worth pursuing.

  • Solve other problems.

Our team has also been working to solve many of the issues that are critical to the future of BiFi networks, and although they are not as important as web publishing, they are in a secondary position. These include: (a) complete off-chain market orders, (b) chain compression and expansion, (c) custom smart contracts, (d) scalable consensus (cross-chain consensus), and more.