To whom it may concern:

The BiFi Pro beta is for users in Europe, America and Asia. It is only open to early BiFi community users and invited users.

BiFi Pro internal test target

  1. Bitcoinfile total network content: 1000T digital resources.
  2. Bitcoinfile total network Publisher: invite 20 super publishers to participate in the test.
  3. Bitcoinfile Total Network Workers: Invite 2000 “Creation Nodes” to participate in the construction of internal testing networks. The number of nodes per day is 500.
  4. Bitcoinfile network total capacity of 1500T or more.

The Bitcoinfile network stress test mainly includes the following four aspects of data indicators.

  1. Bifi distribution network: including release speed, release success rate, cache speed, cache success rate, download speed, download success rate.
  2. Bifi Trading Network: Miner Leaderboard, Publisher Leaderboard, Total Transaction, and Unit Price Change.
  3. BiFi settlement network: total number of addresses, total transactions (amount/the same below), number of traffic transactions, other transactions, transaction rankings.
  4. BiFi clearing network: total transaction count, total deposit, deposit ranking, transaction ranking.

If you also want to join the BiFi Pro test, please complete the following questionnaire, we will issue a test invitation


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