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Recently, well-known hardware vendors of 牛链矿业, 矿世大陆, Bokocloud and ipnodes have reached strategic cooperation with BitcoinFile. They will provide node support services for BitcoinFile, helping BitcoinFile solve the problem that the blockchain network has slow response time due to the small number of nodes and uneven distribution of all nodes from technology to enhance the security of BitcoinFile overall network. BitcoinFile has a more open ecosystem, attracting a large number of hardware vendors that provide similar services to expand the BitcoinFile network ecosystem to protect network security and promote the ecological prosperity.


BitcoinFile will join forces with more hardware vendors to participate in the maintenance of BiFi community development and free will to promote internal testing and product iteration of BiFi Pro, manage incentive fund and market expansion of BiFi, develop prosperous ecology and market economy of BiFi, and work together to create a point-to-point distributed file system protocol based on blockchain technology for community members, creating a decentralized global network file system that is more environmentally friendly for the world, more fair and more rewarding for miners, more reliable and easier-to-use for users.

In addition, BitcoinFile plan to recruit the first batch of "Super Publisher" and "Super Node" for members of the global community is officially announced and open for application:

BiFi Pro Global Community Recruitment Order

In order to promote the development of BiFi community and establish a free and prosperous economic market, BiFi Pro opens“BiFi Global Community Ecology Construction Plan” for members of global community.

With the release of BiFi Pro Beta 0.2 on August 20, 2018, the community will open the application from the limit. Community members with loyalty and liberty will can apply to become "BiFi Global Community Ecology Spark Partner".


"Spark Partners" will enjoy the following community partner obligations:

Participate in the maintenance of BiFi community development and free will;

Participate in the promotion of BiFi Pro internal testing and product iteration;

Participate in the management of BiFi incentive fund and market expansion;

Participate in the development of BiFi prosperous ecology and market economy.


BiFi Pro first opens the following three types of applications and the specific application rules are as follows:

[Super Publisher]

If you are a digital content publisher, you have a lot of digital content to store or publish, or you want to trade digital content in the market, please apply for this identity.

[Super Worker]

If you are a supporter of sharing economy, you have a lot of idle disk space and idle network bandwidth and are willing to contribute to the world's environmental protection, please apply for this identity.

[Stone User]

If you are a fan of blockchain technology, you are optimistic about the blockchain direction, which is a non-speculative cornerstone volunteer to promote the active development of the community, please apply for this identity.

“Super partner” Application link




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