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BitcoinFile Super Publisher

The recruitment for the first batch of 20 super publishers in the world has officially started. Now you can enjoy the first batch of 5 million BiFi support funds.

Ⅰ. Condition of Super Publisher

  1. Organizations, institutions or individuals with a large number of digital content and content rights
  2. Publishing rights of content

 Ⅱ. The Type of Content


  1. Novel
  2. Professional books
  3. Journal
  4. Music: words, songs
  5. Professional documents: contracts, business plans, copywriter
  6. Script: film, TV, music (cross talk, sketch...), games, animation, stage performances (music drama, dance, acrobatics), music (MV script), advertising script
  7. Software


B: Picture

  1. Photographs: Art Photography, Commercial Photography
  2. Design: engineering design, product design, model design
  3. Art works: painting, calligraphy, sculpture, animation (personal prototype, manuscript)


C: Video

Movie, TV, animation, music (MV), stage performance, advertising, game video


D: Audio

music, music, audio files


Ⅲ. Support Plan: Income of Super Publisher

  1. 5 million BiFi Support Funds
  2. Gaining income for content publishing


BitcoinFile Global Recruitment of Super Node

The recruitment of world's first 100 super node have officially begun, giving priority to high-income content from super publishers, resulting in higher returns.


In an IPFS network with BitcoinFile integrated, all resource sharers(workers)can mine by sharing their own disk space and network bandwidth. The number of BiFiobtained depends on the amount of disk space and bandwidth traffic they share.


BiFi has already landed on the global Huobi and Gate exchanges for 7x24 hours of uninterrupted trading, with an average daily turnover of tens of millions, which can guarantee the timely or long-term profit of miners.


If you have idle resources - storage & bandwidth, you don't want to let the resources idle and get revenue at the same time, please join BitcoinFile!


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